Luminous Bodywork Ltd.

Lighting the Way For You To Return Home To Yourself



Beginning with a DONA/CAPPA doula training in 2001, I've made it my life's work to support families experiencing the transitions of the childbearing year, & have discovered a true passion for what I now refer to as "generational bodywork", sharing the benefits of reduced stress, greater immune function, & the neurological & structural integration that can occur when therapeutic touch is experienced across generations. My massage therapy training took place at SHI Integrative Medical Massage School from 2004-2006 and I have been licensed as a Medical Massage Therapist in Ohio since that time.  From Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® & Nurturing the Mother ® for fertility, pregnancy & postpartum, to Baby's First Massage® newborn massage & new parent education, to more traditional modalities such as myofascial release & trigger point work, I weave together a custom session that meet clients where they are, while also inviting greater awareness & connectedness with their bodies & emotions. My massage practice welcomes individuals & families seeking growth & change.

I have previously practiced massage therapy in both the clinical setting of a chiropractic office, the luxurious setting of a local salon/spa, & a collaborative setting of a co-working group of women's health practitioners.

An unapologetic intellectual, I have a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from the University of Cincinnati, with an undergraduate research focus in American birth practices & culture, & believe that a study of scientific methods, evolutionary biology & habitual cultural behaviors can help to inform & advance my skills as a practitioner.

Other passions of mine include trauma informed practices including intergenerational/epigenetic health, polyvagal theory, reproductive & pelvic health, midwifery & birth activism & empowerment, neonatal consciousness, ceremony & ritual for transformation, plants as medicine, placentas as medicine, & research into the form & function of our connective tissue, or fascia.

I am a mother to one awesome waterbirthed child who is now a teenager, & we share our home with my marvelous mother, 3 cats, & 4 chickens. My family includes members that are disabled, WOC, queer, & above all, kind. My bodywork & birthwork reflect these family values & experiences.

I am located at 3069 Madison Rd., Unit B, Cincinnati, OH 45209 in a small collective with other professionals who specialize in bodywork & chiropractic care.  My studio is situated upstairs from my colleague Pete Haggenjos, who runs Thrive Chiropractic.